Holiday Lights Designer 4.0 Documentation
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What's new in this version?
Why Holiday Lights Designer?
Light-O-Rama Interface
Performance Tips
Technical Support
Basic Tutorial
Yard Controls Tutorial
Mega Tree Frame Tutorial
Mini Tree Frame Tutorial
The Workspace
Tools Menu
Check for Updates
Import Decoration
Decoration Wizard
Import Proposal Template Logo
Edit Company and Customer Information
Shortcut Menus
The Main Menu
The Menu bar
Design Tabs
Welcome Page
Light Tab Options
Decor Tab Options
Imports Tab
Selection Bar
Light-O-Rama Controls
The Design Controls
Yard Control Buttons
Tree Control Buttons
The View Tabs
Additional Design Features
High Resolution Image Export
Attaching Lights and Decorations
Mouse Camera Navigation
Deleting Multiple Lights
Project Proposal Report
Recording the Screen
Screen Saver

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