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Menu Item
New Project
Opens new project

New Project Without Yard
Opens new project without a yard surface

Open Project
Opens a saved project

Close Project
Close the current project

Save Project
Saves the current project

Save Project As
Saves the current project to a different file name

Export Design Image
Saves the current design to an image file on your computer

Install Screensaver
Install Holiday Lights Designer Screensaver

Print your design

Print Preview
Print preview your design

Recent Projects
A list of recently saved projects

Close the application

Delete a light or decoration

Undo last operation

Full Screen Preview
Open Full Screen Window

Normal Skin
Switches to the normal appearance

Midnight Skin
Switches to the midnight appearance

View #1 Monitor
Opens view #1 monitor window

View #2 Monitor
Opens view #2 monitor window

View #3 Monitor
Opens view #3 monitor window

View #4 Monitor
Opens view #4 monitor window

Import Decoration
Import an image of a decoration

Run Decoration Wizard
Grab what's on the screen and create a decoration from it

Import Proposal Template Logo
Import your company logo graphic for display in proposals

Edit Company and Customer Information
Edit your information for display in proposals. Customer information is project specific

Light Count
Runs the Light Count Report

Controller Report
Runs the Controller Report

Channel Report
Runs the Channel Report

Project Proposal
Runs the Project Proposal Report (Pro version only)

Quick Estimate
Runs the Quick Estimate Report (Pro version only)

LED vs Incandescent Cost
Runs the LED vs Incandescent report (Pro version only)

Holiday Lights Designer Help
Opens the help documentation

Visit Our Site
Takes you to our web page

Check for Updates
Check online for updates to the software