What's new in this version?
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New features:  
·Enhanced user interface.  
·Light-O-Rama Interface. Play a Light-O-Rama sequence using your Holiday Lights Designer project as the visualiser. (requires LOR)  
·Controller and Channel mappings group your lights and decorations into easy to manipulate sections. The mapped lights and decorations can also be controlled by the Light-O-Rama sequencing software.  
·Mouse Camera Navigation. Hold down the space bar and use the mouse to smoothly zoom or rotate the view.  
·Deleting Multiple Lights. Highlight and delete multiple lights at a time.  
·Project file history available in the menu.  
·The Check for Updates tool menu option will access the internet and determine if a newer version of the software is available. The user is prompted if a new version is found. The user may install the update or choose not to.  
·Camera sliders have been added for quick zoom and panning.  
·Measuring Tool line shows the distance and direction between the first and second clicks when creating a strand.  
·Rope Lights Added.  
·Redesigned Icicle Lights.  
·Layering Mode - Allows lights to be added where lights already exist.  
·Resize application window to any size.  
·The Heads Up Display (HUD) displays the current light selection, controller and channel number below the mouse.  
·Attach Lights and Decorations for easy moving as a group.  
·Record the screen: Users can record a few seconds of their designs from the screen to an animated GIF. This adds the ability to capture the design with any blinking lights or falling snow etc. Users can easily share their animated designs with other people even if they don't have HLD.  
·Screen Saver: The program will include its own screen saver which users can install. Users can use their recorded design images (or normal images) as the screen saver image. Users can add as many images to the rotation as they want.  
·Yard Surface A ground surface has been added to create more sense of depth in the projects. You can import your own images of a yard, then size the texture to fit. The yard can be raised or lowered and angled to the users preference.  
·Music (around 35 minutes of music) - Controls to switch songs, change volume and stop music are displayed if music is playing. Once you pick a song to play it will play each song in the list until it reaches the end.  
·LED light report- a new report which will show the estimated electricity cost and bulb life for both LED and Incandescent bulbs in the project.  
·Snow engine modified for true 3D snow.  
·Assign a unit price to lights and decorations and report on the estimated cost of your project.  
·Project Proposal Report. Import your company logo and add customer information.  
·Quick Estimate Report. Get a quick summary of the costs.  
·Mega Tree Designer. Design a 3D tree frame and add lights to it.  
·3D Spot/Up Lighting (8 per project)  
·High Resolution Image Export. Export design images as 72dpi,150dpi or 300dpi.  
·Decoration Wizard. Use the decoration wizard to create your own unique decoration or to consolidate many objects into one for better performance.  
·Many performance improvements so the program requires less memory.  
·Reworked some things due to Vista security limitations.