Why Holiday Lights Designer?
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Save time

Plan your designs ahead of time and have a plan in place. This saves precious time during the holiday decorating season. Save and add to your designs each year.  

Save money

Don't waste money on decorations that don't look the way you want. Import and preview them first.  

Concentrate on the important thing

Have a plan before you purchase supplies or begin decorating.  

It's fun and easy

Have your first project started in minutes. Our simple menu structure takes the guess work out of the project options. Your completed projects can be saved to these image formats as well. The images don't have to be altered prior to importing into your projects. The designer interface shapes itself to match your imported image(s). No need to take pictures at night or in special conditions. A photograph taken any time during daylight will work. Holiday Lights Designer takes care of simulating different day or night conditions for you. You'll enjoy hours of fun trying out different designs with little learning time.