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Watch your sequences from up to four unique angles using Holiday Lights Designer 4.0!

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LOR (sold separately) is a leading manufacturer of user programmable light controllers. LOR controllers and easy to use software put you completely in control of your lights. Light-O-Rama supplies you everything you need to take your light display to the next level. Take the big step from a static light display to a computerized light show!

LOR controllers are used to create moving lighting effects in any environment. LOR units range from a cost effective 15 Amp 8 point controller to custom built units with unlimited amperage. Our controllers are used for Christmas lights, signs, casino lights, trade show displays or any moving light display! From a simple standalone chaser to a sophisticated 1000 channel display coordinated to music, Light-O-Rama is the absolute price leader with feature packed controllers and the easiest to use software in the industry.

Light-O-Rama (LOR) and Holiday Lights Designer (HLD) can be connected between two PC's over a network, or on the same PC. Extra hardware such as light controllers are not required to simply visualize a sequence. Once connected and configured, HLD acts as a visualiser for LOR. A sequence is played on LOR and the commands are sent to HLD. HLD receives the commands and instructs the lights to mimic the light sequence. It's an easy way to preview, plan and design the best sequences possible at minimal cost and effort.